How Kasparov PUNISHES Bg4 Pins?

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Do you know how to react when your opponents play Bg5/Bg4, pinning your knight? It is one of the most common attacking attempts on amateur level. Unfortunately, most chess players don’t know how to handle such pins properly, and lose badly.

That’s why in this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you the winning, attacking plan against Bg4/Bg5 pins on your knights. You will learn Garry Kasparov’s aggressive way to destroy such pins.

► Chapters

00:00 How to handle Bg5/Bg4 pin on your knight?
00:14 How Garry Kasparov Destroys Pins on Knights?
00:40 Kasparov’s Winning Plan Against Pins
02:00 Countering the pin with h3
03:45 2 attacking plans
05:06 Kasparov’s aggressive attack
08:32 Quick Recap: calm & composed plan
09:16 What if they play Bxf3?
11:17 How to play simple, positional chess and win?

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