How to Attack/Defend Backward Pawns in Rook Endgames?

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Backward pawns require special attention in rook endgames, whether you’re attacking the backward pawn or defending it. There are certain principles and strategies that a player must know in order to play better in such positions. Indeed, having a backward pawn is a weakness, but there’s a truth in chess that the presence of weakness does not necessarily mean that the weakness is ‘exploited’. That is, in this case, when your opponent has a backward pawn, which is a weakness, it does not always necessarily mean that you can take that pawn and gain material advantage.

You always need to have more than enough resources (more number of attacking resources than the defending resources your opponent has) in order to take full advantage of that weakness, exploit it, and gain advantage. Otherwise, that weakness is not actually a weakness.

So, what’s all this mystery behind backward pawns in rook endgames? How to attack them the right way? How to defend them the right way? That’s exactly what IM Mat Kołosowski has explained in this video lesson from the course “Top Secrets in Rook Endgames”.

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