How to Attack in the opening stage | Crushing the King

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This is the first lesson from the Remote Chess Academy’s chess course “Crushing the King” by GM Igor Smirnov and CM Tryfon Gavriel. The title of the lesson is “Getting an attacking position out of the opening”, which focuses on getting an attacking position out of the opening. An attacking player will strive to create relevant resources and trump cards from the opening stage.

Crushing the King is a great skill to have. When it comes to attack, there are certain elements which are helpful for the attack, which CM Tryfon Gavriel refers to as ‘friends’. He has prepared a ‘friends list’ and categorized it, which he will share as a summary at the end of this video lesson. 

Tryfon shows a classic example of Paul Morphy’s Opera Game to illustrate the ‘attacking friends’. The Opera Game was played int the year 1858 at an opera house in Paris between Morphy and two strong amateurs: the German noble Karl II, Duke of Brunswick and the French aristocrat Comte Isouard de Vauvenargues. The game teaches the importance of rapid development of pieces, the value of sacrifices in mating combinations, and other chess concepts.

Towards the end of the game, Morphy delivered a beautiful forcing combination, which is a major friend for attacking players – you might have some great positions, but you really need to know how to finish them off. Sometimes, combinations involving forcing moves are the way to do that. And that is exactly what you will learn from this lesson. 

♚ Download the complete course “Crushing the King” by GM Igor Smirnov and CM Tryfon Gavriel for FREE –

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