How to Attack the Fianchetto Pawn Structure? | Dark Square Weakness

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How to attack your opponent’s castled king when he or she has a fianchetto pawn structure? How to remove the key defender, the fianchetto bishop, and create a dark square weakness for your opponent? This is exactly what the RCA guest coach GM Sipke Ernst teaches you in this video lesson.

He explains how to attack the two key defenders or the defending walls of your opponent’s castled king – the pawn on g6 of the fianchetto structure (which is the hook for your attack) and the fianchetto bishop on g7, which when removed will create a dark square weakness.

The games illustrated in these examples have scenarios of opposite-side castling, where you can push your h-pawn to get rid off the opponent’s g6-pawn. GM Sipke Ernst also explains how to be patient and wait for the perfect moment to make some exchanges and destroy the g6-pawn and the fianchettoed g7-bishop.

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