How to become a Great Attacker in Chess? | Crushing the King

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This is the eighth lesson from the Remote Chess Academy’s chess course “Crushing the King” by GM Igor Smirnov and CM Tryfon Gavriel. How to become a great attacker? How to find great attacking moves in your practical games? That is exactly what you will learn from this video lesson.

In this lesson, GM Igor Smirnov comes closer to practice and the implementation part – incorporating the attacking ideas into blitz and rapid games, to the games where you need to be able to find great attacking moves, where you don’t really have time to think and you have to make decisions within seconds at every move.

We all enjoy watching the games of the phenomenal players of the past, but the only drawback is that we don’t really know exactly how they managed to find those good moves. Some would say that they are born with the talent, god gifted, and so on.

In this lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will show you some of his own games (including his blitz games). And since some of these attacking principles even work in blitz games, you can be highly sure that they are highly practical for they don’t require deep understanding of the game or calculating tons of variations.

♚ Download the complete course “Crushing the King” by GM Igor Smirnov and CM Tryfon Gavriel for FREE –

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