How to Calculate in Chess? [Find Tactics in Your Games]

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you 5 key ideas to calculate effectively during your chess games. You will learn from beginner-level concepts and gradually climb to advanced-level so that you can calculate more complex positions/variations.

These calculation tips will teach you how to solve puzzles easily, how to find tactics in your games, and how to calculate efficiently and effectively. Most importantly, you will learn how top Grandmasters like Magnus Carlsen calculate variations effectively in their games.

At the end of this calculation training, you will be challenged with an interesting puzzle. Try to calculate all possible variations and find the winning shot!

► Chapters

00:00 How to calculate in chess? [5 tips]
00:28 Example-1
00:51 Tip-1: Evaluate material
01:17 How to find candidate moves in a position?
04:09 Example-2
05:00 Tip-2: Calculate till the end of the forcing line
05:39 Example-3 (this is how Grandmasters think)
06:28 Tip-3: Use your positional understanding
09:18 How to improve your positional understanding?
09:59 Example-4
10:11 Tip-4: Don’t let your opponent’s king escape
11:57 Example-5
12:57 Tip-5: Try to make tactics work somehow
13:52 Test your calculation skills with this puzzle

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