How to Checkmate with Queen & King | Chess Basics for Beginners | Chess Endgame Strategy to WIN

This video covers a simple 5 step strategy to checkmate your opponent with only a king & queen in the endgame. This is a basic chess tutorial for beginners to avoid stalemate & win such an endgame in an easy manner! This video also covers a quick & simple method on how to checkmate with 2 queens in the endgame.

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This endgame lesson will be very useful for players who have just started playing chess or are still learning the game. This moves & ideas will make sure you avoid a stalemate and easily win the game. At the end, I also have an interesting Chess Puzzle for you all. You need to find the best move continuation for white. Let’s see if you can solve that.

Video Timestamps:
0:00 How to Checkmate with Only Queen & King
2:51 How to Checkmate with 2 Queens
4:46 Chess Puzzle

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