How To PUNISH Early Queen Attacks & Scholar’s Mate

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🔹 Brutally PUNISH Scholar’s Mate & Early Queen Attacks –

In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov teaches you how to brutally punish early queen attacks and Scholar’s Mate ideas. It is surprising that millions of chess players still try to fool their opponents with the Scholar’s checkmate, but it’s time to punish them.

You will learn how to deal with different kinds of early queen attacks and Scholar’s Mate. For example, the most direct way where White plays 2.Qh5, then 3.Bc4 aiming for the Qxf7 checkmate, and the other approach (by advanced players) where White plays 2.Bc4 first and then bring our their queen.

It is important for you to know not just how to stop such attacks, but be merciless and brutally punish your opponents for trying such lame tricks against you. You will learn some aggressive ideas and counter-attacking moves that forces your opponent’s queen to retreat, or trap their queen, or even checkmate their king!

► Chapters

00:00 Brutally Punish Early Queen Attacks & Scholar’s Mate
01:13 1) If White plays 2.Qh5 and then 3.Bc4
02:39 If White continues playing aggressively for Mate
04:58 If White plays Qb3, targeting f7
07:22 2) If White plays 2.Bc4 and then 3.Qf3
08:45 Counterattacking in the center
10:05 Can you find the winning move for Black?
10:26 If White plays d3 with the idea of Bg5
12:30 White’s last attempt in Scholar’s Mate

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