“How to think like a Grandmaster?” | GM Igor Smirnov’s Lesson with Student Ali

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GM Igor Smirnov of the Remote Chess Academy (RCA) had an online training session with one of the RCA students Ali Safiri. Ali has been a student of the RCA for a quite some time and has studied GM Igor Smirnov’s courses, which helped him become a strong player.

Ali is more of an aggressive/attacking player. Nevertheless, he had a lot of questions which were answered by Smirnov during this interactive session. From this video lesson, you will learn how to think like GMs, about critical moments, how to calculate efficiently, and the balance between positional and attacking style of play.

The RCA chess courses discussed in the video are:

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▶ GM’s Positional Understanding – https://bit.ly/rca-gmpu
▶ GM’s Secrets – https://bit.ly/30l0HJl
▶ An Endgame Expert – https://bit.ly/3fHay2A

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