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Dont Get Left Behind Save Money While Getting Better At Chess

How many places do you know where you can watch 1 hour of chess training videos every day for a mere $9.97 per month (or $97 a whole year)? That would be 30 hours of chess training for $9.97 if you averaged 1 hour a day as an iChess Club Lite member.

Then to make this incredible deal even more irresistible you can get an annual membership for only $97! That’s less than the cost of 10 months at the regular monthly price.

Got a little extra free time and want to work hard on your game? Go ahead and make full use of the extensive iChess Club member training videos at no additional charge!

30 hours, 40 hours, even 60 hours of training a month is all yours for $9.97! There’s no denying that’s a great deal, but you also get a $10 store credit to spend or save!

And that’s only one of the many benefits you get by becoming an iChess Club Lite member.

We’re Just Getting Started!

We’ve all been there, and some of us are still there right with you, wondering, “How can I make measurable chess improvement when I don’t have a lot of money to spend? I want to buy that book on the Ruy Lopez, but what if I’m not a 1.e4 player? That’s a $19.95 gamble.”

Make the smart move and use the iChess Club Lite membership to create a 1.e4 repertoire for only $9.97 per month. You get unlimited access to the VECO chess opening collection.

Reduce your costs even more with the annual membership at only $97! That’s two months on us.

In these VECO (Video Encylopedia Chess Openings) videos, top chess coaches show you how to master the opening.

Test your repertoire online for a couple of weeks, and if your results are not what you want, switch to 1.d4, 1.c4, or 1.Nf3 at no extra cost! The VECO videos include full opening repertoires to suit every style of chess player.

Reduce the Cost of Commitment 

Ready to invest in your own chess course? Your iChess Club Lite membership allows you to enjoy a 30-minute preview video of your chosen course.

There’s no limit on how many preview videos you can watch, so make use of them to decide between courses.

Non-members get preview videos that are only 3-minutes long.

There is an extensive range of chess courses to help you improve all aspects of your game. All iChess Club Lite members get 25% off!

Did you know if you stayed a member for a year you will get a $10 store credit for 12 months even if you take advantage of our heavily discounted annual rate of only $97?

Combine this with your first month where you get a $10 store credit while only paying $1, and you are already over $30 ahead right from the start.

Reduce the Cost of Your Chess Training Even More

Sign-up for special email offers, and on top of the significantly reduced price, you will get an additional 5% off for being an iChess Lite Club member.

Sometimes it happens the course you want goes on sale between paydays or when you’ve had an unexpected expense. There’s no need for you to miss out because iChess Club Lite members can extend a sale anytime within 15-days of the sale ending. 

How good would you feel if you made a really smart move and took us up on our offer to give you a 12-month membership for only $97?

It is wise to be cautious about all your purchases in these uncertain times, but you know if you don’t make a change or invest in your chess training, the road to chess improvement will only become longer and rockier.

That’s why we’ve ensured we have taken all the risk from you by giving you more than 3-months to test our products. If you have any questions or concerns, get in touch, and we will make it right!

Remember, you are protected by a 100-day full money-back guarantee from a company the Better Business Bureau rates A+.

You can be as confident in our guarantee as you are in the exceptional quality of our chess products.

Commit To Your Chess Improvement and Save

Allow yourself to enjoy all the benefits of being an iChess Club Lite member for a whole year with our annual subscription, and we’ll give you two months free!

You will get an entire year of iChess Club Lite membership for only $97!

The iChess Club Lite membership is the key that unlocks the door to a wide range of options focused on making your chess improvement a whole lot easier. Go ahead and provide yourself with the relief you deserve and sign-up for your iChess Club Lite membership now.

Your first month is only $1! and includes a $10 store credit!

That’s right, a whole month of access to exclusive member videos, extended previews, and discounts, all for only $1! Don’t let the opportunity to make your chess training more enjoyable pass you by.

Then treat yourself to a 12-month membership for less than the price of 10 months – only $97! and you’ll receive a $10 store credit for every one of those 12 months.

That’s $120 in store credits you can save and combine to buy one of our high-quality chess courses. Don’t forget along with the extra 2 monthly coupons you get a 25% iChess Club Lite member discount too.

Click on the link below and become an iChess Club Lite member now!

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