Ignore at Your Peril (3)

“They ignore you now, but they’ll need you later”

The first part of this game was presented HERE. So far Black has played the opening poorly and the Grandmaster (as White) has slowly but surely built up a nice position. White does not have just the space advantage but also has no weakness, as well as the choice to attack on either side of the board. His last move 18. ed5 … is a clear indication of that. What did you decide? Did you switch the attack to the kingside? If you did that, was is because you noticed the Black King looks deserted at the start of below diagram? Counting three “Yes” answers would mean that you chose well.

Below is the continuation of the game. Please note how white has not given up attacking on the queenside. All it did was delaying it until it made the most impact:

The position after 27… Be8 is overwhelmingly in favour of White. The Grandmaster is facing a very pleasant choice of how to continue the attack. I wish you all many positions and “dilemmas” like this one. White went for the most spectacular line. It is a real treat to watch the execution:

I had to stop here and admire this position for a moment. What can I say? It really is a combination of the pure material situation that is of no help for Black, combined with the unbelievable position of the Black pieces (poor Qa8…) and the c7-d6 passed pawns. You can add to it a few more. Now enjoy the double queen sac that adds the exclamation point:

Eugen Demian

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Valer Eugen Demian

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