In the footsteps of Jose Raul Capablanca – The 4 vs 3 rook endgame

My good friend, recent IM, and current GM norm hunter, Vignir Vatnar Stefansson played a rook endgame which was eerily similar to a famous Capablanca endgame.

We learn more about this endgame in this video!


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Core Beliefs – How Can You Change Them?

Have you ever before really felt like no matter what you do to alter your life you’re still slogging in mud? You are not the only one and it might not be anything you are doing incorrect. Your core ideas, programmed into your subconscious prior to you recognized what was occurring might be the factor.

The Ultimate Guide to Lucid Dreaming – Part 3

Identifying lucid fantasizing will certainly entail realizing and also distinct truth from a dream. To put it simply, once you’ve specified where you have complied with the actions and also reached a desire state, you should have the ability to understand that what you’re engaged in is not reality.

The Ultimate Guide to Lucid Dreaming – Part 2

Lucid dreaming might seem hard, however when you know just how to optimize your possibilities of lucid fantasizing as well as you constantly technique, you will be shocked at just how fast you will see successful outcomes. Invite to sequel of The Ultimate Overview to Lucid Dreaming.

Enhancing Creativity With Binaural, Isochronic & Monaural Beats

This web page will certainly discuss how creativity reasoning can be boosted to a level of unbound awareness via the procedure of brain entrainment, which you can experience with binaural beats download and install. Our mind consciousness undergoes a perpetual change throughout our life times, shifting from one experience to the following in a ceaseless cacophony of discordant waves. Pulses of electrical signals create an ever before raising network of neurological links, which subsequently shape our experience of the world, as well as just how we perceive reality.

The History of Binaural Beats

In spite of the scientific improvements in the r & d of binaural beats throughout the last few centuries, their use has been a component of numerous old cultures, consisting of the Native-American witch doctors, Tibetan monks, master-yogis as well as Hindu therapists. These ancient tribes found that by generating constant, rhythmic beats, they can generate altered states of consciousness, resulting in both healing and spiritual advantages. Researcher Melinda Maxfield performed research study right into numerous of these societies, and also discovered that the drums used in their rituals are battered at a rate of 4.

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