Is Magnus Carlsen going to reach ELO 2900?

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World Champion Magnus Carlsen has won the 2019 GRENKE Chess Classic, which was held from 20-29 April. It’s a 10-player round-robin tournament that featured top players like Caruana, Anand, Aronian, MVL, and others. Magnus crushed his opponents, finished with 7.5/9 points, and with a massive ELO 2990 performance!

In this video, you will see one of the most interesting games from this tournament – it’s the game between Carlsen and Aronian in the 7th round. Carlsen was playing White, and the Vienna variation from the Queen’s Gambit Declined was on the board. Carlsen surprised Aronian, and almost everyone, with his novelty 10.Bd2, inviting the Armenian to a complicated position. But, Aronian was intimidated about that and played safely. That’s the first win for Carlsen in the game – a psychological win.

Eventually, Aronian was under time pressure and played a couple of bad moves, which actually in a way was forced by Carlsen, and the position was really passive for the former. The World Champion got an extra pawn, got a passed-pawn on the d-file, and won the game after Aronian resigned.

Watch the insightful analysis of this great game by Manuel Ocantos of RCA. He also explains the secrets of Magnus Carlsen being able to defeat his opponents easily.

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