Kasparov’s Double-Rook Sacrifice vs Topalov (Must Watch!)

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In this video you will see one of the most beautiful chess games ever played – it’s the game between the former world chess champion Garry Kasparov vs Veselin Topalov. It was played in the Hoogovens Tournament (Wijk aan Zee) 1999. This game is also usually known as “Kasparov’s Immortal Chess Game”.

What is unique about this game is that it had a lot of unique and extremely beautiful sacrifices and a very fierce attack that Kasparov executed in this game against Topalov. In this game, Kasparov played such strong moves that might not even be obvious for chess engines today, which are considerably stronger than any human chess player.

RCA guest coach IM Asaf Givon, who also created the course “Mastering the Middlegame in Kasparov’s Style” has analysed this beautiful game, explaining all the key variations of this game.

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