King Hunt: Hikaru Nakamura’s Brilliant Queen Sacrifice

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King hunt is always a fascinating subject in chess – everybody enjoys it. It is no surprise that we are advised to castle and make our king safe in the opening stage of the chess game, because ultimately the goal of the game is to checkmate your opponent’s king.

But what if you could break the castle of a king? What if you could drag the king into the center or a corner of the chessboard, crush the king by delivering a beautiful checkmate? That’s what king hunts are for! King hunt is the act of chasing the enemy king, which usually starts with the sacrifice of our piece(s), and finally delivering a checkmate.

In this video, RCA guest coach FM Coto Mederos analyzes one such beautiful king hunt from Hikaru Nakamura. Naka played this game as Black against Michal Krasenkow in the Barcelona Casino in the year 2007.

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