Kostya Reacts to ‘6 Queens in 16 Moves’

Hey folks here’s my live reaction to a fun video on posted on IM Eric Rosen’s channel. This video was recommended by Twitch follower SonjaLang.

Check out the original video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-UG_xAJmPo

If there’s a video you want me to react to, post it in the comments below!

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Intelligence System Points to Ponder

This is a fascinating subject to show upon. The human mind is greatly affected by preconditioned concepts, regulations, actions and also reactions accordingly. Edward de Bono states, “Many very smart individuals are inadequate thinkers. Many individuals of typical knowledge are skilled thinkers. The power of a vehicle is different from the way the auto is driven.” At this time, several heads will certainly role and debate constructively and say heatedly resulting is what is observed as well as what is reasoned. The former has to do with an individual’s knowledge and the last has to do with what the system dictates.

Why Can’t We Keep Things Simple?

I love this funny yet wise quote: Apes transcend to males in this – When a monkey explores a mirror, he sees an ape. ~ Malcolm de Chazal.

How Not To Make A Decision Under Pressure

Fight or trip? In this manner or by doing this? Yes or no? Each of these 3 questions defines a mind under pressure. Can be your mind, can be mine. When it pertains to push situations, most of us have a tendency to skip to the very same setting: a binary setting.

How You Can Be As Mentally Tough As A Samurai

Ever before wonder exactly how the Samurai came to be such famous warriors? Have you ever wished to be as psychologically difficult as one of these exclusive boxers? Well, below is one trick the samurai did that you can do today to enhance your psychological strength. You’ll l be stunned at how very easy this will certainly be. The massive strides you will make emotionally from this is life altering!

How Do You View Your Mistakes or Failures?

Do you take them directly as well as conclude you are not like you thought you were? Do you beat on your own up and languish in pain and misery over them? Or perhaps worse, do you use them as reasons to quit or change your goal or profession?

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