Kostya Returns to OTB…Loses! | 2021 National Open: Round 1

IM Kostya reviews his first round game against Caleb Wan, (2013 FIDE, 2207 USCF)

Full game PGN – https://www.chess.com/c/iZ5CAJLE

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How Do You Bypass This ‘Evil”?

What do you do about points that you, as a ‘little individual’ have no state about? Exactly how do you fix up tackling your everyday company while ‘wicked’ points are taking place? Right here are some ideas.

How to Know Things That Nobody Knows and Become More Intelligent

You will certainly go through a process of psychiatric therapy, removing the adverse influence of the wild side of your conscience which is existing in your actions. This implies that you will certainly have psychological health and balance for your whole life. You will additionally learn how to boost your intelligence. You are mosting likely to have the finest details as well as support from an actual genius, the subconscious mind.

Imagination is More Powerful Than Knowledge – Follow Your Imagination

There is a significant distinction between the dreamer and also one that lives their dreams. You can dream all you like, yearn for anything that you desire, yet if you do not act upon your dreams, after that ultimately that is what they will certainly continue to be, a desire or fantasy. In the exact same method, it is essential to follow your creativity as well as act upon it.

The Zoom Thinker (TM)

Your mind processes a gazillion electrical impulse a 2nd. Okay, I know there isn’t such point as a billions however you obtain the concept. The human brain is an impressive system that becomes part of an additional fantastic system – the body. A few of the biggest researchers in the world proceed to attempt as well as imitate the human brain yet the accomplishment of this task remains to be an incredibly elusive task.

Why is it Important to Obtain Knowledge?

Obtaining knowledge is just one of the most crucial parts of our mind exercise. Find out why in this post.

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