Kostya’s 1.e4 Suggestions for White

Hey folks, in this video I provide my recommendations for what 1.e4 players should do against all of the major openings. These are clips taken from a longer stream I did with GM Jesse Kraai, GM Eugene Perelshteyn, & IM David Pruess.

Check out the full discussion here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TE7iY-ilRXM

0:00 – Intro
0:16 – 1.e4 e5
2:41 – Why is the 6.Bg5 Najdorf no longer popular?
5:02 – Najdorf
6:18 – French
8:42 – Caro-Kann
11:14 – Scandi
14:42 – Pirc
15:27 – The Dragon
18:13 – 2…e6 Sicilians

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Simple Tips on How to Improve Your Intelligence

Lots of people assume that smart people are born, not made. This is not real as there are a great deal of straightforward ways that you can do help enhance your knowledge level. Below are a few of points you can do to aid improve your IQ.

Activate! The Energy Of The Invisible

Success begins from the mind which usually means that it starts out from the invisible. Currently, having the ability to shift the concept from the world of believed to reality is a process I describe as ‘chasing after the unseen’ and also this does require 2 very crucial points namely technique and structure. The process would constantly involve crafting an approach which if correctly carried out would yield specific results. When this is frequently done, everything begins ahead with each other in the type of a framework which comes to be easily offered to execute the technique anytime the demand occurs. Wishes do not make success appear, but there is some job entailed. A clear understanding of this would in effect catalyse the procedure and also push it in the ideal direction. The reverse of which can be fairly disastrous, unless the subject picks up valuable lessons from the unpleasant turn of events.

Ancient Mind Technique Can Increase Your Intelligence and Self Awareness

One of the finest means to enhance your intelligence, and your total brainpowers is to utilize what some call the “Drashta Result.” This is a term and strategy that comes from ancient Hindu practice, but you don’t have to think about this as being connected to any type of specific faith. Drashta is the Sanskrit word that means “seer.”

Simple Mind Improvement: Aspects Of Your Mentality That Need Supercharging

Take advantage of the impressive power of your mind and you can and also will certainly attain whatever objectives you set on your own. Your mind withholds a powerful and immense power. Apply effective mind improvement tips as well as start recognizing your real as well as boundless possibility.

How Brain Busters Can Greatly Enhance Your Mind Power

Brain busters, likewise known as mind intros, have been mostly taken into consideration as games that are associated with children. Although they benefit stimulating youngsters’s minds, they are additionally vital when it involves exercising the adult mind. All the same manner in which regular workout builds muscle, exercising your brain will certainly also make it expand.

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