Kostya’s 2021 Vegas Open | Round 1 vs. Jeffrey Serna (1981 FIDE)

Here’s analysis of my game against Jeffrey Serna (1981 FIDE) from Round 1 of the 2021 Vegas Open.

2021 National Open: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVp5Aaip2NEBt1qv3b6N-R2I6pDbwJH1K

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Sleeping is Also a Way of Brain Training – As Long As You Do it Well!

Our brain is a most difficult organ. It is so made complex in all its features and processes that we can hardly understand why it functions the means it functions. Aside from the experts naturally.

Do Your Brain Training at the Gym, in the Pool and Keep Your Body Fit As Well

Possibly you get some even more inspiration if you recognize that the physical training is also terrific for the mind. When we consider mind training, we consider problems possibly, studying, finding out something brand-new, yet definitely not of the gym. Or physical exercise in any way. Yet these type of exercises are fantastic for the mind!

Think Better and Improve Mind-Brain Processing by Writing Down Thoughts and More

We reside in a quick relocating world where there is a lot taking place that it’s difficult to take everything in, allow alone keep all of the details which we’re drenched by each day. One way to think much better and monitor everything you see and hear throughout your day is to make a note of things you intend to keep in mind in a journal.

All About Mind Powers

For centuries, men have always been bewildered by just how the human brain works. Although a number of medical research studies have actually already established verdicts on simply some of things the mind can, there is still a great deal of details on mind powers that are yet to be revealed.

Achieving a Sound Mind and Body Through Ancient, Secret Mind Power

It would be a no-brainer to say that the mind is male’s biggest property. With it, you can just do anything that your heart needs. Without word play here or overstatement planned, the mind could really be a device to attain success in life, be it in the emotional, professional or even economic element.

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