Learn Chess Notation – The Language of Chess! How to Read & Write Chess Moves! Basics for Beginners

In this video, we will learn chess notation, which is basically the language of chess. We will discuss how to read, write and talk about chess. I will also show you how to write chess moves & we will also cover all chessboard basics. This is a very basic yet important video for beginners & kids who have just started playing chess. Algebraic Chess Notation is the standard method of writing down moves and this is how you will see it in popular chess books, magazines, online chess games and apps. Learning chess notation is very important because this is how you will be recording & notating your moves in chess tournaments. I would suggest you watch by ‘How to Play Chess’ video as well since it will help you understanding the basics rules & regulations of chess.
To Learn the Basic Rules of Chess, Watch my ‘How to Play Chess’ Tutorial Here – https://youtu.be/mGuYHXfgDxY

Learn Chess Notation in Just 11 minutes. Click on the timestamps below to jump directly to a specific topic:
0:20 Chess Notation – Importance and Basics
0:51 Concept of Files and Ranks on the Chess Board
1:24 Naming the Squares on the Chessboard
2:01 Naming Chess Pieces
2:37 Notating Chess Moves
4:17 Notation for Capture Moves in Chess
4:57 Notation for Pawn Promotion in Chess
5:35 Notating a Check
6:18 Notating a Checkmate
6:57 Notation for Castling in Chess
7:20 Notation for En Passant in Chess
7:53 How to Notate Moves when Identical Pieces can move to the Same Square
10:58 Chess Notation Test

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