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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you the right way to define your middlegame strategy, i.e. how you can find the right plan in the middlegame so that you know exactly what you should do, how you should develop your attack, and eventually win more games.

In this lesson, he shows you a game played between Evgeny Postny and Gleb Kaganskiy; and they played the Sicilian Sveshnikov, in which the Boleslavsky Pawn Structure arises. Smirnov explains how White came up with a solid middlegame plan when this pawn structure came up in the opening, which relates to the topic of the new course by Igor Smirnov “Boleslavsky Pawn Structures” – it’s not just about the opening, but the general understanding of the game.

What is the Boleslavsky Pawn Structure?

The Boleslavsky Hole, named after the soviet Grandmaster Isaac Boleslavsky, is one of the common pawn structures in chess – it usually arises in the Sveshnikov Variation of the Sicilian Defense after Black moves his pawn to e5, thereby creating a hole on the d5-square. Thus the name ‘Boleslavsky Hole’. The pawn structure that arises in this series of moves is usually called the Boleslavsky Pawn Structure.

♟️ Study the complete course “Boleslavsky Pawn Structures” – https://bit.ly/boleslavsky

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