Learn to Play Chess Openings: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

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Welcome to the ultimate beginner’s guide to chess openings! In this guide, we will explore the fundamental chess opening principles that will help you establish a strong foundation in chess openings. By understanding these principles, you can gain an advantage over your opponents right from the start.

In this video lesson, we will discuss key concepts such as controlling the center, developing your pieces quickly, castling your king early, seizing the initiative, and understanding your opponent’s moves.

Chess openings lay the foundation for a successful game. By adhering to these fundamental chess opening principles, you can enhance your chess skills and gain an advantage over your opponents.

► Chapters

00:00 How to Play Chess Openings (Beginner’s Guide)
00:13 1st Rule: Control the center
00:24 Eg-1: Why control the center?
02:18 Eg-2: Importance of the center
04:20 Eg-3: When you don’t control the center
06:21 Eg-4: Queen’s Gambit Accepted (giving up center)
09:01 2nd Rule: Develop (minor) pieces quickly
09:14 Eg-1: Not developing minor pieces
11:58 Eg-2: Pawn sacrifice for a quick development
13:57 Puzzle of the day: Find the best move
14:07 Eg-3: Gambit style for a quick development
15:44 3rd Rule: Castle your king early (in 5-10 moves)
15:53 Eg-1: When you don’t castle early
17:28 Eg-2: Preventing your opponents from castling
18:04 Tip: Do not overeat pawns in chess
19:44 Eg-3: Cons of delaying castling
21:25 4th Rule: Seize the initiative
21:41 Eg-1: Creating little threats along the way
23:30 People crack under pressure
24:28 Eg-2: Seizing the initiative early in the opening
26:26 5th Rule: Ask “Why they played this move?”
27:20 Eg-2: Thinking about your opponent’s plans
28:02 Eg-3: Do not react quickly to your opponent’s moves
28:43 Summary of chess opening crash course

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