Learning to Evaluate Threats | Diagnose Your Chess: Ep. 3 – Andrew Post (1500)

Diagnose Your Chess is a brand new show where IM Kostya Kavutskiy will work with a different student every week, assessing their strengths and weaknesses while breaking down their recent games. At the end of the lesson Kostya and his student will form a training plan, with the goal of checking back in after a few months.

Episode 3 features Andrew Post a dedicated online player rated around 1500 (Lichess).

New episodes of Diagnose Your Chess are streamed live every Thursday 3:30 PM PST on twitch.tv/chess24

If you’re interested in chess coaching, make sure to visit cochess.com!

For more educational chess content, check out my other channel, ChessDojo:

Top Three Benefits From Improving Your Mind Powers

Are you questioning what to anticipate from enhancing the power of your mind? Discover more concerning the advantages of boosting your mind powers right here …

Beliefs and Your Map of Reality

Our beliefs concerning fact have a huge influence on just how we think, feel, and also behave daily. In this post, I define the various elements that can affect our beliefs, and also exactly how we can readjust this “map of truth” so that we can live in far better accord with our worths and goals. Ideas have a significant impact on our lives – there’s no question regarding it.

The Ungrateful

Guy experiences numerous variant situations in his life time that affect his individuality in an obvious way. These conditions are mirroring and affecting all the time in many means both actually and structurally. These conditions require major thinking as well as evaluation. The righteous course and ethics of a private establish the level of contentment he really feels within and outside the body. Nevertheless, most of people oppose essential as well as structural responsibility of people, in go back to favours bestowed upon them. These are the individuals, that are classified as unappreciative.

Roadmap to Genius Review

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Laughter Boosts Brain Power

Potentially one of the most important quality of people who lived long, healthy, lives and still had sharp, vivid minds as well as brainpower well right into their nineties was their capability to laugh, particularly to laugh at themselves. Scientists have actually discovered that humor stimulates a minimum of 3 locations of the brain.

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