Levitsky vs Marshall – Shower of Gold Coins!

📥 Download the PGN of this game – http://bit.ly/2T7uVMn

This is a famous game of chess played by Stepan Levitsky and Frank Marshall in Breslau (now Wrocław) on July 20, 1912, during the master’s tournament of the DSB Congress. Legend has it that after Marshall’s winning last move of the game, gold coins were tossed onto the board by spectators, although this is contested by other accounts. The game is also known as “American Beauty”.

After the game started with a French Defence, Levitsky made some suboptimal moves, and then a big mistake allowing Marshall to win a piece. Levitsky tried to counterattack, but Marshall’s unexpected winning move put his queen—his most valuable piece—on a square where it could be captured by three of Levitsky’s pieces. Legend says that this move immediately triggered a shower of gold. So this games is also known as “The Gold Coin Game”.

In addition to the analysis of this masterpiece game, Aggelos Kesaris explains the tactical theme called “Decoying”, which is the tactic of ensnaring a piece, usually the king or queen, by forcing it to move to a poisoned square with a sacrifice on that square.

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