Looking To Buy A Chess Set?

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If you’re looking to buy a chess set, either for yourself or as their gift for someone special, this guide will help you find what you’re looking for.

There are several factors to take into account when you buy a new chess set.

wooden travel chess set
Wooden Travel Chess Set

You must think about where and how you will use it.

Will you take it on the road?

Do you want to buy a chess set for club play or game analysis?

Even if it’s staying in the home are there pets or children who might accidentally bump the board?

How and where will you store your chess set, or will it be on display? 

One of the most important factors when purchasing a chess set is cost. Sets range in price from $15 to $500 or more.

How to Choose the Right Chess Set

Strike a balance between cost and function.

Struggling to play because the pieces are too small isn’t fun. If you are going to buy a chess set, make certain you can easily move and recognize the pieces.

A good size is one where the king is approximately 3-4 inches (7.5 – 10 cm) tall. Choose the largest your space allows.

A good chess set also comes with an extra queen in each color. The availability of replacement pieces is also something to consider. You don’t want to buy an entirely new set because you lost a single pawn! Online resources make replacing lost pieces easier. 

For Travel

travel chess set with felt board
Vinyl Chess Set

A guide to buying a chess set would be incomplete without mentioning travel chess sets. Choose a set with magnetic pieces if you plan to use it when traveling by plane, train, or bus. Many magnetic sets come with storage space in the folding board.

Size and weight are two important considerations in a travel set. The size impacts the space available in your luggage and space to play on.

It’s tempting to think the more compact the better it is for traveling. This is true to a point because you still want pieces large enough to make recognizing and moving the pieces easy. 

When you pack for a trip the weight of your bags is important. This adds up fast. You especially want to keep this in mind if you are traveling with only a carry-on bag.

A vinyl board and plastic pieces may prove more advantageous than a wooden folding set. Folding the vinyl board and using it to line the inside of your bag will save space.

You can roll it tightly and tuck it against the side of your suitcase. A small bag for the pieces and a vinyl chessboard will save you more space and weight than a folding wooden chess set.

Like this one:

[embedded content]

A medium-sized wooden set can weigh between two-and-a-quarter to two-and-two-third pounds. Some wooden travel chess sets weigh the same as a Chromebook. 

If you are going to buy a chess set, think about the type of trip you are taking and how much traveling you will do. On a road trip, there is space inside the car for almost any travel chess set.

On a weekend hike, pack a set of silicone pieces. These are less likely to break or get damaged by the weather. They can come in bright colors to make them easier to find outdoors.

For The Home

When you are confident the set won’t be doing any or only a little traveling then you have a broader selection of choices.

The safety of pets and children in the house are your main concerns. Wood or plastic chess pieces are better than glass in this regard.

Keep in mind chess pieces made from a soft stone can chip or break when dropped or bumped off the table. 

Vinyl boards are light and easily transported when needed. They have the advantage of offering a larger playing surface than regular folding, wooden chess sets.

A vinyl chess board allows for larger pieces which can prove advantageous for people with impaired vision. These sets are often sold with a travel case you can hang in a closet or behind a door. 

Although there are many inexpensive options to choose from you can invest a few hundred dollars in a chess set if you desire. If you are purchasing a chess set for the home you could also consider a chess table.

These usually have a chessboard painted on the surface and have a large surface area to accommodate drinks and clocks. There is likely to be a drawer to store the chess pieces in which keeps everything close at hand for your next game.

Chess sets for the home offer lots of options in terms of materials and designs. The most common materials are wood and plastic.

If storage space is at a premium in your home consider investing in a folding wooden board or vinyl board. The chess pieces can easily be kept in a cloth back or small box to ensure they take up the least amount of space possible.

A Guide To Buying Themed Chess Sets And Custom Made Chess Sets

isle of lewis chess pieces
Isle of Lewis Chess pieces

The chance to buy a chess set is a wonderful opportunity for you to display your good taste in design and appreciation of the finer things in life. However, with such an array of options let us guide you in purchasing the perfect chess set.

There are several themed sets to choose from which can fit in with the decor of your home. Keep in mind the pieces of some themed sets can be difficult to recognize if you are used to the traditional Staunton chess pieces.

The Medieval and Isle of Lewis themed chess sets are easily recognizable to most chess players.

Choosing the Isle of Lewis chess pieces will give you an interesting tale to share about these iconic pieces.

The chess pieces were discovered in a buried chest on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, way back in 1831 when a sandbank collapsed. They are believed to have been made from Walrus ivory in Norway hundreds of years earlier.

You can view these iconic chess pieces when you visit the British Museum, in London, or the National Museum of Scotland, in Edinburgh,

Companies will make you a custom chess set of your own design. They also offer ready-made chess sets that are truly works of art.

This is a great option if you place a high price on expressing yourself in more than just your playing style. Why not combine both if you can?

You can also make use of custom chess sets to help promote your company brand. 

Where To Buy Your Next Chess Set

Now you have learned what you need from our guide to purchasing a chess set it’s time to treat yourself. There are numerous online companies for you to choose from.

You can find a wide selection of chess sets to choose from at the following websites. Although it’s possible to spend several hundred dollars on a chess set these sites offer good chess sets starting at a very reasonable amount.

Some of them offer chess clocks, storage boxes, and replacement pieces.

ichess your home for quality chess sets

Great Prices On All Chess Sets

Here are four great chess sets you can get for under $20!

Regulation Tournament Chess Pieces and Chessboard Combination – Triple weighted! – $15.95

Quiver Chess Set Combination – pieces, board, and bag – Triple weighted! – $18.95

Basic Chess Set Combination – pieces, board, and basic bag – Single Weighted – $13.95

Analysis Chess Set and Board Combination – $5.95

At iChess.net we have all your chess equipment needs covered. Take a look at the top-quality chess equipment we have on offer now!

In Conclusion

Even though many consider chess a very serious matter your main goal ought to be to have fun playing many enjoyable games on your new chess set. Chess is a game of infinite possibilities and there is a multitude of chess sets and pieces to choose from.

The good thing is it takes a lot less thought and time to choose a good quality chess set that will serve you well for many years than it does to choose a top-quality chess opening repertoire.

If you need any assistance with the latter remember the friendly, knowledgeable staff at iChess.net are always willing to help you improve your game.

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