Magnus Carlsen Loses 1st Chess Game In 2 Years!

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen had not lost a classical chess game in 2 years, since July 31st, 2018, but today Jan-Krzysztof Duda defeated him in an incredible game in Norway Chess.

Magnus undefeated streak stands at 125 games, the longest undefeated streak of all time!

The game:

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Unlimited Minds – Just How Unlimited Are We Talking?

There are human beings among us that appear like us, yet are far exceptional in intellectually. I am talking the 146+ IQ geniuses in our society. Consider if you will certainly that Chimpanzees have about 60 IQ as well as the ordinary human is 100. Well, the difference in between a Primate and also a routine human is the very same as a regular human and a genius, see what I indicate when I state human+? Okay currently that I’ve got your interest, let’s talk.

Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich

This exceptional book helped me make a decision at last just how I was to accomplish my goal. It merged my thinking and also gave me a directly, clear road to the factor I decided to get to. Among my closest good friends discovered the publication, stayed at home for 3 days reading as well as digesting its material, and also he then took place to reach the top of his sector. I’ve rested in richly paneled exec offices and listened to world well-known company leaders inform me how reviewing Think and Grow Abundant changed their lives.

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We frequently encounter hard experiences in life. Yet just how can we prevent obtaining captured up in unfavorable feelings as we go through these experiences again and once more in our mind? Mindfulness can assist us to discover automatic idea patterns that might be unhelpful, as well as to make better options regarding how to focus our interest for a much more healthy feedback.

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