Magnus Carlsen Lost in Just 12 Moves! (Nimzo-Indian Defense Trick)

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov analyzes a game played between Magnus Carlsen and Yannick Pelletier. The Norway chess prodigy Magnus Carlsen lost this game in just 12 moves! It was played in 2005, which means that Carlsen was just 15-years old. However, he was already a strong grandmaster, and yet he lost this game in just 12 moves.

So, how did that happen? How could a strong grandmaster like Carlsen lose a game in just 12 moves? He made a terrible opening mistake in the Nimzo-Indian defense. Watch and learn the opening trick.

🤔 Why this course? 👇

The Nimzo Indian Defense is one of the most valuable openings to learn. You are not learning just an opening. The Nimzo teaches you true chess strategy! But beware, because this course is not for passive players. Both quiet and aggressive players can find here enough to learn for playing the Nimzo with doubled pawns and with both colors in any style.

🤔 What can you learn from the course? 👇

✔️ It teaches you how to play with BOTH colours (White and Black)
✔️ It is NOT about memorizing but mastering several main ideas in the Nimzo
✔️ It teaches not only ideas in the Nimzo, but recurring methods on how to play with and against doubled pawns, hence IMPROVING YOUR STRATEGIC UNDERSTANDING
✔️ It is designed for BOTH quiet and aggressive players, as it covers how to approach this pawn structure in different playing styles
✔️ It deals with important attacking and defensive ideas, including how to play with an uncastled king

💡 Study the complete course “How to Play the Nimzo with Doubled Pawns”. Get 40% OFF (till 23 February) –

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