Master Chess Openings in 6 Minutes: GM Tips, Tricks, Principles, Strategies, Tactics, Ideas & Moves

Openings are by far the most important phase in the game of chess. Strategy is the key to master a chess opening. If you make mistakes in the opening against an experienced player, you can immediately concede an advantage in the first few moves! To win a chess game, it is important that you start off well. The idea behind the opening is to develop your pieces fast & prepare a solid game plan to beat your opponent. In order to master the opening, you need to follow some basic chess principles & guidelines. In this video, you will learn the secret tactics & strategies that grandmasters use to play their opening moves. These are some of the best chess moves you can play in the opening. Use these chess tricks to win fast against highly rated players. Follow these 6 principles & you can easily master the chess openings (be it white or black).
1. Develop your pieces
2. Occupy the center
3. Exert pressure on the center
4. Don’t play the same piece twice in the beginning
5. Don’t bring your queen out too early
6. Castle as soon as possible

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