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Here’s a review of the latest editions of the Master Chess Web Show on Twitch:


This special episode included:
1) A Bobby Fischer classic in what was an unusual opening choice.
2) A shock victory by British amateur Mike Surtees, playing a special gambit recipe against the Caro-Kann.
3) Gawain Jones winning with the 3.exd5 cxd5 4.Ne5 line against the Caro-Kann.
4) A game in the Falkbeer Gambit which means we have to reassess some traditional views on this opening.

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Monday is devoted to viewers questions, this one answering the following:

1) What’s the best way to play against dangerous tactical juniors?
2) What should Black do about the 4.Nf3 variation of the Alekhine, is 4…Bg4 a possibility?

As usual we broadened out the discussion to show that there are many dimensions involved.

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On Tuesday we covered the London System where Black meets 1.d4 with 1…Nf6. I demonstrated a solid positional treatment and Andrew showed something much wilder.

This episode is not on the Youtube but subscribers can access it at our our Twitch channel.


Today’s show was a learning experience for the presenters too, as we talked to the World famous trainer, GM Adrian Mikhalchishin about the situation in Ukraine and his chess career. He also showed us a surprising weakness among GMs, a lack of strong basic endgame technique:

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Nigel Davies

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