Master Sicilian Pawn Structures – Introduction

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The Sicilian defense is the most popular chess opening played from club players to Grandmasters. In this course “Master Sicilian Pawn Structures” you’ll learn the general guidelines for the pawn structures result from the Sicilian.

Contents of the course:

1. Hedgehog – Illustration of the structure, why it’s called like that and why it’s so poisonous. Pros and cons for both sides.

2. Rauzer – This lesson pays special attention to Black’s pawn formation in the center on the Bg5xf6 line.

3. Najdorf – In this chapter, you will learn the most unique (e.g. poisoned pawn, Polugaevsky variation) + possible transposition to the Scheveningen.

4. Scheveningen – This lesson shows White’s setups (classical, Keres Attack, Yugoslav Attack). Pros and cons for both sides.

5. Taimanov – This chapter explains the similarities and possible move transpositions. Lack of a6 – importance of good timing regarding playing a6. Pros and cons for both sides.

6. Kan – This lesson explains the difference between the Kan and the Taimanov. It shows systems with/without g6 + introduction to the Maroczy Bind. Pros and cons for both sides.

7. Sveshnikov – In this chapter, you will learn the structure and its similarities to the Sicilian Kalashnikov. Pros and cons for both sides.

8. Dragon – This lesson teaches you the classical and the Accelarated Dragon and the difference of White’s pawn formation if White castles kingside/queenside. Pros and cons for both sides.

9. d6-d5 break – Black’s d5-break is one of the most typical ways of bringing life to minor pieces. Often, it’s worth sacrificing a pawn in order to open the position if White starts a kingside attack.

10. Summary – The summary of all lessons.

The course is suitable for all level of players and it breaks down necessary principles of Sicilian defense. By the end of the course, you will have a clear idea of all the Sicilian main lines.

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