Maxime Vachier-Lagrave’s Top 5 Speed Chess Moments

Join GM Simon Williams @GingerGM as he breaks down Maxime Vachier-Lagrave’s five best moments from the Speed Chess Championship!

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The Secrets of Concentration

Discover the keys of concentration and also find out just how to establish a laser-focus state of mind whenever you intend to do so – as well as keep that state as long as you want. It’s so easy to get distracted if you don’t understand just how to protect yourself against disturbances.

Emotional Intelligence and the Enjoyment of Reading

Reading truly is one of the excellent pleasures of life. It appears to me that a lot of us residing in the “coke and fries nation” actually take checking out really lightly, not providing the appropriate relevance it holds for our minds, our body or our emotional relationships. Let’s discuss the great benefits for just a few minutes.

Mindset Mastery

My very own experience has shown me that being aware of my “attitude” is important in personal development and attaining my objectives. Not just in business yet in EVERY area of my life. Without the ability to go beyond the mind and also become aware of what serves us and what doesn’t, we are essentially acting out set feedbacks, duplicating negative patterns of behavior as well as limiting our capability to accomplish real joy as well as peace.

Diamonds – What You Should Know to Select Diamonds

There are 4 “C” principles when you pick diamonds: cut, color, quality and Carat weight; it is an importance to differentiate the top quality and also worth of a diamond. 1. Cut is the just one entropic variable.

The Game Of Life – Are You A Winner?

Do you see your life as the utmost game of life, or do you see it as a consistent battle? We all intend to win, yet in order for that to happen we need to have the right point of view, this is the only difference in between winners and losers!

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