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Here are the highlights of Chess Talk Members Tournaments held online on Interestingly, I also played a game with a Chess Talk Buddies Member, Utkarsh from Philippines. It was quite a good game so thought of sharing it with you all. Apart from this, we tried to cover some of the most exciting chess games & also some of the best moves & tactics from which every chess player can learn something. Some of the common mistakes, blunders and tactical ideas have also been covered for chess improvement. It’s a 1 hour Arena tournament & all the games in these tournaments are played online on Lichess in 3+0 Blitz format, players are allotted white or black pieces automatically by the website.

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The Transformation From Within

Have you ever desired more out of life? Have you ever before felt restricted by the environments in which you were increased? Are you presently living under your capacity? Have you ever had a hard time with a dependency? By altering your mindset, you can accomplish your desires and also curate an environment of love and also happiness.

Neuroplasticity – Harnessing the Brain’s Reorganizing Ability

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