Mikhail Tal’s Greatest Game vs British Women’s Champion

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In this video GM Igor Smirnov shares with you one of the greatest games played by Mikhail Tal. He played this game against the British Women’s Champion, Cathy Forbes. In this game, Forbes played with Black pieces and she played the mighty Sicilian Dragon variation, which is definitely one of the brave choices, especially when playing against Tal, because he is a great attacking player and this variation is a bit risky as it gives White a lot of opportunities to attack on the kingside.

In the middlegame, Tal had a knight pair against Forbes’s bishop pair. Nevertheless, Tal managed to trade one of the bishops for his knight; and, most importantly, it was the fianchettoed bishop. Right after this exchange, Tal took the driver’s seat because all the dark-squares were weakened after this exchange and Tal, the Magician from Riga, exploited it really well! In the end, Tal delivered a usual and sudden checkmate with only his knight after sacrificing his rook and queen!

In the video analysis of this game, we will not just try to enjoy the beauty of this fascinating game, but also learn the useful tricks applied by Mikhail Tal, so that you can incorporate them in YOUR OWN games.

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