Mikhail Tal’s Greatest Queen Sacrifice! Best Chess Games | Moves, Strategy, Tricks & Ideas to Win

Here’s an absolutely incredible game of chess played by Mikhail Tal (the Magician from Riga). Mikhail Tal played one of his greatest queen sacrifices on move 13 of the game. This game was played between Mikhail Tal & Alexander Koblents in 1961 in Riga. Alexander Koblenz (who used to be Tal’s trainer) is playing with the black pieces & Mikhail Tal (the Eighth World Chess Champion) is playing with the white pieces. From this mindblowing game, you can learn some amazing chess tactics, strategies, tricks, traps, moves & ideas, that you can use to win more games against your friends & other players online. This is a typical Tal game & one of the best chess games, which every Sicilian Najdorf player should see! Mikhail Tal was famous for his attacking style of play & he used to create absolute magic on the chess board with his chess pieces. I also have an interesting Chess Puzzle inspired by Mikhail Tal’s games. Let’s see if you can solve that.

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How to Clear Your Mind In A Snap

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