More Than 525,261 Players Fell For This TRAP After 1.e4

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will share with you a deadly chess opening trap for White to win in just 6 moves after 1.e4! These traps occur in the Tennison Gambit which can be used against popular chess openings including the Scandinavian Defense, the Caro-Kann Defense, and the French Defense.

You will also learn how to transpose into this opening trap by playing 1.Nf3 instead of 1.e4. Additionally, you will learn how to use the same opening trap as Black.

► Chapters

00:00 Best Chess Opening Trap to Win in 6 Moves
00:24 Trap in the Tennison Gambit for White
01:18 More Powerful Tennison Gambit Traps
02:14 Trap-1: Tennison Gambit against the Caro-Kann Defense
04:49 Trap-2: Tennison Gambit against the French Defense
06:07 How to make the trap work if Black played e6?
07:02 Puzzle of the day
07:24 If Black does not play h6
09:39 If Black plays Nf6
11:43 Trap-3: Tennison Gambit against the Scandinavian Defense
13:22 Problem with playing 1.e4 (playing 1.Nf3 instead)
14:20 Trap in the Tennison Gambit for Black

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