My 2-game match vs. 17-year-old Beth Harmon | ChessDojo Stream Highlights

A couple of days ago I played 17-year-old Beth Harmon (2400) twice in back to back games. A tough challenge!

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Mind and Matter – Mind Matters

You may be surprised at just how your own thoughts effect all elements of your life. The power we have within us for guiding our very own lives and also our self development is amazing. Everyone can attain individual development when you comprehend how every idea has an effect.

Healthy Lifestyle – Try Getting Rid of the Baggage You Carry

Have you attempted to make a change in your life, just to become frustrated and also quit? Do you really feel that every little thing around you hinders the changes you’re trying to make? Possibly it’s time to have a look at the luggage you carry about with you. There are numerous sorts of baggage impacting us. Our psychological luggage, sense of guilt baggage, temper baggage, fear baggage and a lot more can all hold us back. Allows have a look at just how this might be holding you back.

Meditation – The Power Of Pretense

Marvelous secret to unlock the power of your mind. So simple and yet so effective and also efficient in using the subconscious mind. You can accomplish so much when you understand this principle.

3 Miracle Foods That Help You Improve Mind Power

The human mind calls for certain nutritional foods in order to remain healthy. There’s no means you can keep a healthy psychological system without taking quality food nutrients routinely. There are several food items that can enhance mind power.

5 Tips to Expand Your Money Blueprint

A great deal of buzz is developed every single time there is a victor in a lottery. Numerous thought that this is the grand remedy to nearly all their whole trouble. So it’s a typical sight to see a long line of wishful thinkers with high hopes of being selected as the grand winner in every lottery game.

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