No Supi for Magnus – Chess Checkmate Patterns

No Supi for Magnus was what was on the agenda when Magnus Carlsen had the black pieces against GM Supi from Brazil. This game became somewhat of an internet sensation because of the beautiful nature of the win and the checkmate pattern by Supi.

Well…we’ve covered this before on the channel in an old video but here is the checkmate pattern, updated examples for you to learn!


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Programmed Dreams – A Complex Medical Problem Solved With a Dream

One individual in the mental hospital instantly developed excruciating chest and stomach pain. The interior medication expert thought it could be either a cardiovascular disease or a kidney infection, and also he recommended moving her to a medical center. After encouraging him to wait until morning, I told the lady-who was a great dreamer-to have a desire that would inform her what it was, where it was, how she got it, why she obtained it, and what to do concerning it.

Want Some Quick Tips To Quickly Develop A Powerful Brain? Use These Tips To Feel Incredibly Clever

Are you aiming to obtain the most out of your life? To totally make use of the power of your mind to experience one of the most fulfillment, enhancing experience and also make discoveries that are extensive as well as life altering? There are a range of amazing tools as well as suggestions you can begin doing right away to substantially raise the function of your brain and change your experience and also leads to the world.

Programmed Dreams – Answers to the Question of Abortion

For many years, I had waited for the chance to attempt the programmed desire on a person that was considering abortion. In thirty-nine years, none of the configured dreams instructed any person to do something morally wrong, so I wondered regarding the answer we would get concerning the concern of abortion.

Meditation and Relaxation Techniques

Usually, we talk to ourselves 65,000 times a day. Given this truth, it is incredibly difficult for most individuals to learn the conventional Eastern styles of meditation that include discovering to clear the mind. 65,000 dialogues with ourselves each day suggests there is lots of getting rid of to do!

Programmed Dreams – How To Start Getting Answers Tonight

Knowledge, when the majority of us consider Enlightenment we are attracted to the image of transforming on a light in a dark space. We are now able to see points that were or else unnoticeable to our naked eye. Nonetheless the positioning that I am talking of is much deeper and more comprehensive. It is an overwhelming and also sudden illumination that was formerly out of the range of our knowledge and or experience.

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