Oh great, black against a strong Grandmaster after a painful loss :-(

My 6th round game in the European Club Cup. I face Grandmaster Evgeny Postny with the black pieces.

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Mind Development in the 21st Century

Mind development has been, well, on everyone’s mind for the previous few years, and this comes as not a surprise as societies start to develop right into future thinkers and the power of the mind seems to be increasingly more a topic of conversation around the tables of luminaries as well as the intellectual around the globe. While we are not going back to the days of T.S Elliot and also intellectual expansionism, we are discussing the power of the mind and also exactly how we can utilize it to our benefit.

Brainwave Entrainment – Frequently Asked Questions

Would like to know what brainwave entrainment technology is everything about? This post discusses everything you wished to know including what it is, how it functions, security, side-effects, recommendations for usage, product referrals and also advantages.

How to Improve Simple Mental Computational Skills (Part 1)

In my previous article “Can We Enhance Easy Mental Computational Skills?” I explained the outcomes of my job on improving these abilities with a class of the fifth grade. After the magazine I began to get letters with one concern – just how can we do such a job? Right now I’ll try to detail my approaches.

Great Place to Work Equals Great Mind at Work

It is a well claimed saying that “Great area to work makes excellent mind at the office”. You all must have heard this but I question the number of you really have relied on this? So, let’s understand the real fact whether terrific location actually produces excellent mind ay work.

Your Mind Knows – Trust it and Develop It

Take a messed up paper as well as make it into a ball, and after that while strolling shoot it into a garbage can beyond of the space; Swoosh! Only internet, but how did you do it? Your mind did all the calculations on the fly, your mind knows, so trust fund it.

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