Opening Repertoire: French Defense 3.Bd3 | Surprise Weapon for White

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The French Defense follows the opening moves 1.e4 e6 and it is mostly followed by 2.d4 d5, with Black intending …c5 at a later stage, attacking White’s center and gaining space on the queenside.

It is a very solid opening for Black and so usually the White players are annoyed with this opening. In this video, RCA guest coach IM Asaf Givon will present to you an opening repertoire on this opening for White. He recommends to play 3.Bd3 instead of the mainlines 3.e5 or 3.Nc3 or 3.Nd2. It is useful especially for club players and games with shorter time-controls, like rapid and blitz.

There is nothing special about the move 3.Bd3, it is logical as White defends the e4-pawn. However, it is less studied by the Black players and hence you get an opportunity to surprise your opponent early in the game.

When you get your opponent out of his/her comfort zone, you already have a little bit of an edge. In this video, Asaf will show you some of the nice tactical shots and traps that Black could fall into. To learn more about this opening variation, as Asaf recommends, watch the practical games of Vladimir Onischuk.

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