win with 1 nf3 with gm marian petrov tcw academy

Win with 1.Nf3 with GM Marian Petrov [TCW Academy]

Want to keep your opponents constantly guessing and not knowing what you are up to? Play the 1.Nf3. It is a super flexible opening, that can transpose into literally… anything….

positional chess powerful pawn play is crucial for success

Positional Chess: Powerful Pawn Play Is Crucial for Success

In chess, positional play is closely linked to the different pawn structures that commonly arise. Although most often associated with the opening, the pawn structure in chess greatly influences the…

looking to buy a chess set

Looking To Buy A Chess Set?

If you’re looking to buy a chess set, either for yourself or as their gift for someone special, this guide will help you find what you’re looking for. There are…

chess tournaments 2022 a very exciting year

Chess Tournaments 2022: A Very Exciting Year

Are you looking forward to excellent chess tournaments in 2022? This year starts with the incredibly strong Tata Steel Masters, followed by the FIDE Grand Prix and a Candidates Tournament….

fried liver attack how to play this aggressive chess opening

Fried Liver Attack – How to Play This Aggressive Chess Opening

Every beginner should know the Fried Liver Attack in chess. It’s not only one of the most fascinating and common chess openings frequently played in scholastic chess but also a potent opening…

webster universitys official college chess records

Webster University’s Official College Chess Records

We just ended our 9th season at Webster University. This team has maintained the #1 ranking every single day, week, and month since inception, as well as winning 7 PanAm…

important scholastic coaching tips

Important Scholastic Coaching Tips

Coaching Tips Since I started attending scholastic chess events some years ago when my children began to play chess, I saw things in a different light and there were routines…

my chess quotes over the years

My Chess Quotes Over The Years

Below are some of my quotes over the years! Enjoy! * Win with grace, lose with dignity! * What does it take to be a champion? Desire, dedication, determination, personal…

my kids know chess rules whats next

My kids know chess rules. What’s next?

Q: How can I attract my children to the game, maintain their enthusiasm and make chess fun, too? A: That is an excellent question, one which has been asked by…

why is there a need for girls or womens tournaments

“Why is there a need for Girl’s or Women’s Tournaments?”

“Why is there a need for Girl’s or Women’s tournaments?” This is probably one of the top 5 questions I have most often been asked over the past 15 years,…