Pawn Structures in Complex King’s Indian

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This is the sixth chapter from the course “Pawn Structures: Crash Course”, where the author IM Bryan Solano Cuya talks about a pawn structure that is the spine of the King’s Indian Defense. This so-called Complex King’s Indian structure is very flexible in many positions.

You have to be aware of what to do in such positions as the pawn exchanges are critical and can make dramatic changes in the position.

🤔 Why this course? 👇

Understanding pawn structures used to be the privilege of titled players and a complete mystery for the rest. We wanted to break this with this course. As said above, pawn structures are the soul of chess.

✔️ The pawn structure determines the direction of the game
✔️ The pawn structure dictates the best plan
✔️ The pawn structure even decides what side has an opening advantage or a winning ending

After studying this course, you will have a complete understanding of all the 11 most common pawn structures, including all the plans, ideas, and techniques. It’s like having a home-field advantage in ALL your games! 🙂

💡 Study the complete course “Pawn Structures: Crash Course”. Get 50% OFF (valid till 17 March) –

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