Playing Chess Variants ft.@Samay Raina | Learning Antichess & Racing Kings

Samay Raina joins Jeetendra Advani to play some interesting chess variants. Watch them have fun with Racing Kings and Antichess.

Link to Samay’s livestream with Jeetendra Advani, Sagar Shah, Tanmay Bhat, Biswa Kalyan Rath & Vidit Gujrathi:

@Samay Raina’s channel:

This chess video will help casual players to learn 2 different chess variants – Racing Kings & Antichess.

In Racing Kings, the game objective is to move your own king to the last row and do it faster than your opponent. The chessboard is also set up in a different way. Every player starts a game with 1 king, 1 queen, 2 rooks, 2 bishops and 2 knights (i.e. standard chess set without pawns). All white and black pieces are positioned at the first two rows and both players can see the board from the same perspective. This variant could be a good choice for Chess players who are familiar with standard Chess rules and want to try a “race” instead of “deep strategy” type of game. It’s quick, fun and exciting.

Antichess (also known as losing chess, the losing game, giveaway chess, killer chess, take-all chess or capture chess) is one of the most popular chess variants. The objective of each player is to lose all of their chess pieces or be stalemated. This is also an interesting variant to try out with your friends.

At the end, we also have an interesting Chess Puzzle for all of you. Let’s see if you can solve that.

Video Timestamps:
0:00 Chatting with Samay
0:53 Introduction to Racing Kings
2:36 Game #1: Racing Kings
9:08 Introduction to Antichess
9:54 Game #2: Antichess
14:43 Chess Puzzle
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