Playing in Hikaru’s Tournament | Will we get a matchup with Hikaru Nakamura?

I played in a tournament that Hikaru organized in one of his streams. The aim of course was to get a matchup with the man himself! Being among the top 5 seeds, that was a good possibility!

00:00 Intro
01:43 1st round vs 1110
08:26 2nd round vs 1472
15:17 3rd round vs 1801
22:22 4th round vs 2000
29:25 5th round vs 2063
36:30 6th round vs 1966
43:35 7th round vs 2306
50:24 8th round vs 2961
57:43 9th round vs strong opponent
1:04:20 10th round vs strong opponent
1:12:48 Hikaru vs Lonely_Soldier

I’ll leave it to you to guess what happened to the account of the Lonely Soldier!


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Mind Visualization Ideas Which Maximize Your Results

There are lots of self aid items and options you can obtain today that are created to aid you end up being much more efficient, a lot more joyous as well as wealthier. One of the extra effective techniques that we have the ability to apply is mind visualization. It typically is the most misinterpreted and under-used techniques at one’s disposal. When you learn the means to visualize efficiently, it’ll alter your way of life in every means you can possibly imagine.

Holosync Review: Seven Years To Creation

All of this Holosync review originates from my very own personalized trip utilizing this program within the last 7 years. In situation you are potentially not familiar with the fact, Holosync technology is really generated by Bill Harris at Centerpointe, towards the goal of assisting in everybody to get to exceptionally deep states of meditation and ultimately boost individual development.

Become More Resilient: Reframe the Problem

Re-framing your viewpoint does not alter an event, however it helps you hold a much more favorable attitude towards it. You’ll have a lot more energy, be more innovative, as well as provide on your own a better opportunity of working through the issue.

Mind Movies Reviews: Learn How To Increase Your Visualization Skills

Without an uncertainty you will have currently been warned of info about Mind Movies and perhaps read a few Mind Movies reviews additionally. Ryan Higgins introduced the product allowing every person to effortlessly utilize the power of visualization by establishing up customized video, precisely their very own pc. This innovative item has been on the internet for a couple of years currently; for that reason I determined I could take a seat and also disclose my individual knowledge.

Inner Guidance – Can a Guruji Activate Your Inner Guidance?

The last couple of weeks, numerous spiritual instructors have actually advertised the miracles of a Mr. Mahendra Trivedi (occasionally called Guruji), who asserts to trigger your inner assistance system, to name a few things. This write-up goes over these cases, in addition to the essential points regarding triggering your internal guidance.

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