Playing the Polar Bear system, 1.f4!?

Playing the Polar Bear system, 1.f4!?

The Polar Bear is a system nicknamed by Grandmaster Henrik Danielsen who played it probably more than many people in recent years. He has some publications on this system and videos. When he lived in Iceland he showed me some in and out of the system, I’ve forgotten some of that knowledge but do know a secret or two still!


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The Science Behind Your Reality

This post delivers clinical basis for the concept that you produce your very own fact. It frankly mentions that “All matter that you see in this physical dimension, is simply power vibrating in such a means that it handles static properties. You are, actually, producing your fact. You are doing it daily with the thoughts that you are assuming.”

Thinking Like a Millionaire – Will It Help You to Become One?

Do you believe that if you assume like a millionaire then you can turn into one? Well let me tell you the very first step in accomplishing abundance in your life is by transforming the manner in which you think. So if you wish to be a Millionaire after that Yes you need to think like one.

The Power Of Positivity

Positivism loads a punch. It has solid drawing power and can cause lots of doors of chance to turn broad open, and also typically. The ability to consider life through rose-tinted lenses is not beyond your control. Your level of positivity is really in your hands.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

“You don’t need to be terrific to start, yet you need to start to be excellent.” ~ Les Brown. I believe it is deemed more normal in today’s culture to simply let life happen to us. I likewise think that we subconsciously undermine our well planned ideas concerning success because it is easier to just continue customarily as opposed to ‘try’ with the opportunity of failure in mind.

What If Every Dream Could Be A Good Dream?

Have you ever before feared falling asleep for fear of the horrible dreams that exist ahead for you? Do you get up from nightmares in a panic? Are you missing beneficial rest since of bad desires? It is possible to reach a point where you can answer “NO” to all of those questions. There is a method you can take control of your dreams and also not just put an end to negative dreams as well as headaches, yet likewise take pleasure in the depths of your imagination.

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