Playing with Opposite-Colored Bishops, Part 2 – GM Mihail Marin (iChess Club)

It’s time to master those tricky opposite-colored bishop chess endgames. Playing with opposite-colored bishops on the endgame requires patience and good calculation skills.

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Because it is impossible to checkmate with a lone king and bishop, the minimum number of pawns needed for a win in bishop endgames is two. The exception being if the pawn can promote immediately.

playing with opposite colored bishops in the endgame requires patience and good calculation skills.
Bishops do well in endgames with pawns on both flanks because they are long-range pieces.

If the bishop can cover a square the pawn must cross it can always sacrifice itself and the game is drawn. Even with two or more pawns, you must take care to prevent your opponent from establishing a blockade.

As in almost every endgame involving pawns, a crucial consideration is how advanced the pawns are because this limits the mobility of your opponent’s bishop.

Even if you are down in material, one of your advanced pawns threatening to queen can make it very difficult for your opponent to convert the win. As you will see in this exclusive iChess Club video by GM Mihail Marin.

Playing positions with opposite-colored bishops have a reputation for being very drawish. However, as GM Mihail Marin explains in this video, they can lead to fascinating play.

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