Positional Chess Strategy: The Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding

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Why do STRONGER players play better than the average club player? Why is it that they WIN games and tournaments almost ALL the time… and some players can’t even keep a positive score?

The answer obviously is this: Stronger players have a better understanding of positional chess strategy!

No, they don’t just calculate variations. Strong players don’t just memorize opening lines. They don’t just look for tactics every move. What sets really strong players ahead of the pack is their deep and clear understanding of the game. This clear understanding allows them to ‘JUST KNOW’ the right move!

With their deep positional and strategic understanding guiding them like a compass, strong chess players can tell the right plan and ideas and KNOW the RIGHT move ALL the time… without breaking a sweat!

✅ Enroll to the course “The Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding” – https://chess-teacher.com/the-grandmasters-positional-understanding/ if you…

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How Being Graceful Equals Being Awake

Many individuals want to be a lot more present, wide awake, conscious, in addition to monetarily effective and equally importantly, have better connections with a person who is in fact ‘there’. In my years of attempting to teach people exactly how to achieve these top qualities I have actually been satisfied with consistent resistance to the concepts that will give them what they desire because, as buddha said; the reality is so simple, no one will certainly recognize. I wish this simple article will provide some people the trick to a very effective method of transforming your life.

The Intricate Workings of the Brain

Our minds just sit there, placidly in our control terminals, taking it all in, soaking up all the truths, figures, and information around us, and afterwards spreading the needed functions to the body. A number of us never ever believe regarding just how the mind is absorbing definitely every little thing.

Champions and Their Common Denominator

So what is typical amongst leading champs? What is one variable that they all shared, and also we can say that this element is their weapon? What is their secret?

Synchronicities: Simply Coincidences or Events With Meaning?

It has actually involved my attention that my life is full of several synchronicities. I observe them on a daily basis when I’m clear headed, as well as even when I’m not all there. I typically notice about two of these experiences per day.

Brain Training: 5 Steps For Maximum Results

There are many basic points you can do on a routine basis to offer your mind power a boost. Like your body, routine exercise of your mind can maintain it fit as well as in good functioning order.

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