Positional (Strategical) Attack – Sicilian Defense

πŸ“₯ Download the PGN of this game – https://bit.ly/2JLi5CG

Although it’s true that most of us love to create a strong, crushing, and fascinating attack, and do all kind of fancy sacrifices and combinations to checkmate our opponent, positional attack, on the other hand, is a really special kind of attack.

Positional attacks are great simply because of its artistic nature of the chess game. You are simply improving your pieces, coordinating them well together, creating a strong initiative, cramping your opponent’s pieces, increasing pressure, and gradually make the opponent crumble or make a mistake.

In this game, he RCA guest coach GM Marian Petrov analyses a game he played in the Sicilian Defense. In this game, he created a really nice positional attack, which allowed his opponent to make a big mistake, and eventually made him resign the game because of an inevitable checkmate.

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