Powerful Opening Trap for White after 1.e4 | Scholar’s Mate Redefined?

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will share with you the most universal chess opening trap for White after 1.e4 that can be applied to different openings of Black. It is the art of attacking the f7-square, which is the key to attack and checkmate the opponent’s king.

You are probably aware of one of the quickest ways to win a chess game, the Scholar’s Mate (the Four-Move Checkmate), where you checkmate your opponent king on f7 with your queen and bishop/knight. However, most of your opponents are familiar with it to fall for it.

But, not many players know the advanced way of executing the Scholar’s Mate. This will guarantee you great results even against advanced-level players. You can use the same idea of attacking the f7-square with your bishop, knight, and queen to checkmate your opponent.

It’s a really cool thing that this can used against various responses of Black after 1.e4. This trap can be used in Scotch Gambit, in Two Knights Defense with the Fried Liver Attack, against the Alekhine’s Defense, in the Bishop’s Opening, and even in the Ruy Lopez! 

► Chapters

00:00 Opening trap for White after 1.e4
00:35 Advanced ways of Scholar’s Mate
01:53 Black’s top response, 96% win rate for White
02:31 Scholar’s Mate in Fried Liver Attack
05:15 Scholar’s Mate in Alekhine Defense
06:14 The Evil Laugh
07:21 Scholar’s Mate in Bishop’s Opening
09:32 Scholar’s Mate in Ruy Lopez
11:36 Quiz for you – find the winning move!

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