Protecting the poison – Chess Tactical Patterns

The poisoned pawn on b2 is famous in many openings. In our pattern that we learn today the pawn is immediately poisoned and the Queen is lost if the pawn is taken. This pattern is useful to effectively protect your pieces or indirectly protecting them so you are not wasting time on moves you don’t have to make like Rb1 or b3 to protect the pawn.


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Shocking Truth About Memory Loss and the Benefits of Solving Sudoku Puzzles

A research study conducted by the Institute for Social Study at the College of Michigan exposes that the mind function starts its steady decline as early as your mid-20s. What’s more unexpected is that it was also noted that the psychological decline really takes place at the exact same rate for a 25-year old as it does for a 70-year old.

Who Is Your Self?

Each of usage generally use the term – myself – yet how commonly do we stop to think of what our “self” truly is? When you consider a mirror do you see your “self” or do you just see your body?

Your Brain Is a Muscle

Like every various other muscle, it requires exercise. When we want to exercise our body to get healthy as well as healthy and balanced we take up a sporting activity, stroll routinely or dust down the bike. However what do you do to exercise your mind?

Random Thinking 101

Quit as well as see what you are believing! If you are like me, when I am in nature or active or energetic in nature, I am calmer and kicked back and also possibly a bit peaceful with life in that moment! That’s when I see many thoughts drifting with my mind.

How the Navigationally Challenged Can Benefit From Brain Training

This post concentrates on four aspects of mind training that benefit our capacity to browse. Visualisation, Memory, Spatial Alignment and Focus. There importance to directional sense is recognized as well as tasks are recommended.

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