RAT DEFENSE | Easy & TRICKY chess opening for Black

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov talks about an interesting chess opening called the Rat Defense, which usually happens after 1.e4 b6, but there are different move orders to play this opening. The good thing about this opening is that it’s universal, really simple, and practical. You don’t have to study much to learn to play this opening.

Basically, regardless of what White plays you (as Black) will be playing the following setup: fianchetto both your bishops, play e6 and d6, put your knights on e7 and d7, castle usually on the kingside, and then counter-attack with either f5 or c5.

Therefore, you can play these moves almost unthinkingly. Additionally, there is little to no chance for you to blunder or lose material as your pieces are compact, protecting each other. It is a great counter-attacking system, kind of like the Hedgehog in the Sicilian, where you are ready to start the counter-attack at any moment.

Watch this instructive video lesson as GM Igor Smirnov explains the ideas in this opening and shares a couple of interesting example games.

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